Switch Points GFSU-700-m and Ei-700

  • Switch poit is used to move the point from one position to another by which it secures reliable blocking of the point and keeping the point tab in end position.
  • Possible malfunction or failure of the point is indicated on the control panel in the station.
  • Swithcing equipment is used for fixing, connecting, and transmission between switch point and point.


  • • Main features of GFSU-700-m and Ei-700 are:
    • 4 wire control with control voltage of 60 V
    • Device can be cut
    • Device is reversible
    • Device has the possibility of manual power with a kick in case of power failure
    • Adjustable lever stroke with possibility of adjusting tab opening (150- 170mm)


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  • Machine walk 220mm, time of turning (when walking 220mm) is 3.0–3.9 sec. transfer relation is 1 : 7, force of the cut for both devices is FT ≤ 11000N, force of firm hold is FR = 7000N
  • Switching EPS Ei-700: engine power 3×400V, 50Hz, power 0,45kW, n = 1320 rpm, 4-pole engine, turn force 4000N ± 10% , turn current I = ≤ 2A under voltage of 400 V a.c. 50Hz
  • Switching EPS GFSU-700-m (with increased engine): engine power 3×400V,50Hz, power 0,55kW, n = 1280 rpm, 4-pole engine, turn force 5500N ±10%N, turn current I = ≤ 2A under voltage of 400 Va.c., 50Hz
  • Device housing provides protection IP54
  • Weight of switch point is 135 kg
  • Housing equipped with the key num.1
  • Switching equipment enables mounting on all rail types

Iskliznička glava

Derailer is used to prevent unwanted intrusion rail vehicle from side track to the main track and it’s unauthorized movement. Strong steal construction of sloped rib and control panel. Slope is placed above the rail that pushes the wheel of the coming vehicle of the track, which is less damage than that the vehicle gone in the wrong way or track. They are made as left IS-L and right IS-D. Derailer can be placed by hand or by switch poin adjusted to the derailer power.