Electronic level crossing GFSU LC09

Electronic devices for level crossing GFSU LC09 is complied with security level SIL4. Level crossing system represents efficient connection of infrastructure (equipment for railway traffic) and intelligent programmable logic control system whose solution can be easily adjusted to standard conditions of level crossing and also to specific user requests. Proper functioning of the device is constantly controlled in one permanently possessed official place or in Telecomand center. Level crossing road signals and semi-fenders are activated when rail vehicle comes and in case of any interruption.

Elektronski uređaji putnog prelaza GFSU LC 09Electronic devices for level crossing GFSU LC09

Automatic turning off of level crossing (which rail vehicle cause) is done by crossing and leaving double turned-off devices which must be activated and returned to basic position, by the principle “two out of two”. Device enables handling the level crossing on the spot but only to authorized persons. In case of malfunction on the level crossing devices, main signals that protect level crossing are automatically set to give the signal for restricted driving. Basic power supply of the device is from distributive or contact network. In case of basic power failure, eight-hour reserve is predicted from accumulator batteries.

Simple modification in case of any change and expansion. Low cost of maintenance and repair with preventive diagnostics.Adjustable parameters of the barrier (speed of lowering / lifting of semi-fender or fender). Application software independent from hardware. Application software, also the number of external parts is adjustable.

Obezbeđeni putni prelaz u gradskom područjuProtected level crossing in urban area

Electronic device GFSU LC09 provides storing of all events and commands in it’s internal memory and local monitoring and reading of reports data on events in level crossing filtered according to various criteria (eg. time period, type of event, order of display, …). For better and higher quality maintenance of level crossing, we use control-diagnostical software package at regular and emergency checks, and as the final result we get complete functional work of electronic level crossing. Control-diagnostic package can be upgraded and it is flexible to a wide range of requirements.