Command – Control Device MMI (Man Machine Interface)

MMI system, developed in the factory SIGMA from Subotica, is the interface between relay and electronic equipment. MMI system is used for monitoring of condition and work of indoor relay devices, devices of APB and related devices of level crossing, also for creating connection between these devices and computer system. MMI interface is used for galvanic separation of the signal from indoor relay devices and the acceptance of commands from computer device to indoor relay device by which it completely replaces features of coomand relay panel in mosaic technique.

Komandna postavnica MMIMMI desk in railway station

    Elektronski uređaji MMIMMI system provides :

    • high comfort for the operators
    • involvement of relay signal-safety devices into modernized CTC (Centralized Traffic Control) systems
    • making parallel configurations of command processor devices with all servicing functions
    • effective diagnostic and provides support for the equipment in phase of maintenance
    • registering, storing and printing of given commands and change of state of indoor relay device in real time
    • automatic giving of commands:
      • turn on/off of electric lighting of points and derailers
      • changing to night or day lighting signals
      • turn on/off of heating points