Cable Heads and Cabinets

Cable heads are used for connecting smaller number of cables and conductive wires. These heads consist of: housing, cover, eight-part reglets, cable enters, protective pipe for cable and cable head mount. They are placed on the main cable rout or at 2 meters from outer edge of rail to closer edge of the cable head.

kablovska glavaCable Heads

Produced in variants:

  • Cable Heads 1×8 Bsg.vert 16a
  • Cable Heads 3×8 Bsg.vert 17a
  • Cable Heads 4×8 Bsg.vert 18a
  • Cable Heads 7×8 Bsg.vert 19a

For inner mounting are used SS and TT cable heads.

  • SS cable heads Ž2 573 01
  • TT cable heads Ž2 579 00

It is used for connecting signal cables. Cabinet is made with double walls and scheduled for outer mounting. Cable cabinet with double walls is used also as RO EGS.

Кablovski orman


It is in two dimensions:

  • For 240- 400 connections 970×380x985 mm
  • For 80 i 120 connections 740×380x610 mm