Electronic crossing GFSU LC09 in trial

Ensuring traffic safety is one of the challenges of modern society. Based on many years of experience in Serbian railways and those from the region, in cooperation with experts from companies SDD ITG, the company Galeb FSU has designed, manufactured and installed an electronic device GFSU LC09. The purpose of this device is to inform the drivers of vehicles in road traffic when they are approaching the rail crossing, and about any potential danger when the train is approaching. In addition, it aims to provide passenger and freight rail services.

Instalacija železničke opremeInstallation of railway equipment

At the end of May this year, Serbian Railways Commission has released an electronic crossing GFSU LC09 in trial operation, on the line Subotica – Sombor. On that day, the exploitation test of the device was carried out in real conditions. The device, created by the company Galeb FSU will contribute to more rapid development and improvement in rail transport, which will increase the security at the rail crossings in Serbia and the region.

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