About Us

Factory for signalling units (FSU), headquartered in Belgrade, operates as independent company since december 1969. After privatization in june 2006., operates as part of the company GALEB. The company Galeb FSU works on designing, manufacturing, installation, testing and providing services of the signaling-safety and telecommunication equipment designed to meet the needs of different railways and other large systems.

This program was set up before more than 40 years from big holding company of Electronic industry, started with recontruction and modernization of first railway stations at domestic railways. Quality of products is confirmed with 40-year experience in this area and with many references that Galeb FSU has on railways of Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and other countries.

Business references are the result of proffesional work and high standards that are complied with all products: relay based interlockings and MMI devices, electronic and relay level crosings with telecontrol, automatic train protection devices for stopping trains in emergency situations (indusi and locomotive balises), signal-safety relays, relay groups and relay frames, point machines, derailers, track impedances, signals… Galeb FSU operates in the field of engineering, in line with the turn-key Policy. High quality of business, Galeb FSU proves with certificate of quality management ISO 9001:2008. Investment in new technology and continually progress are references for success. As a part of Galeb Group and strategic partner of Galeb FSU in field of railway signalization, operates company SIGMA from Subotica.

Production Program and Activities

  • Station signal-safety systems and devices SpDrS-64-JŽ
  • Inter-station dependence control systems with axle counters
  • Automatic post block system
  • Signal-safety devices for protection and automation of the level crossings
  • Automatic train protection system (AS I 9192)
  • Railway telephone connection systems
  • Design and installation of cable networks
  • Reparation and maintenance of the produced equipment

GALEB FSU strategy is based on the offering of modern signaling-safety technologies, with the maximal use of it’s own resourses and in cooperation with the leading world companies, such as: SIEMENS AG, KONČAR, THALES, AŽD PRAHA, ALSTOM i ANSALDO STS


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